Max Bell Foundation seeks to help registered charities identify, develop, and communicate to Canadians public policy alternatives in health & wellness, education, and environment.

We recognize that each of these policy areas is complex, and that doing impactful public policy work within them can require extensive development work such as data gathering, environmental scanning, literature reviews, preliminary analyses, detailed project planning, etc. Many organizations lack the resources required to undertake these activities, which may be necessary for developing and delivering on high quality project plans.

We also recognize that Canada’s brightest young researchers who are interested in public policy issues have few opportunities to develop their skills under the tutelage of experienced mentors.

With these needs in mind, Max Bell Foundation offers a development grant program.  Funded proposals in this program have the following objectives:

1) To undertake developmental work on key public policy issues in health & wellness, education, and environment. Such work should demonstrably position applicant organizations to succeed with other larger-scale public policy initiatives.

2) To provide excellent learning and mentorship experiences for some of Canada’s best and brightest young researchers, and focus their attention upon key public policy issues related to health & wellness, education and environment.

Grants within this program cover both a stipend for the incumbent and the overhead costs of mentoring and administration.

Max Bell Foundation’s development grants are made to Canadian registered charities who intend to hire individuals for short term contracts. Please note that we do not make grants to individuals seeking an internship, nor do we participate in recruiting, screening, or hiring candidates for positions supported by this program.

Stipend: The stipend for holders of bachelors degrees (or equivalent) is $2,400 per month. The stipend for holders of masters degrees (or equivalent) is $2,880 per month. The stipend for holders of doctoral degrees (or equivalent) is $3,200 per month.

Mentoring and Administration: It is expected that the grantee organization, in agreeing to accept this support, will also commit to having senior staff both supervise and mentor the incumbent. We anticipate this to require approximately three to six hours per week. Administrative costs will include the search and hiring process, and an appropriate portion of overhead expenses.

Term: It is expected that the incumbent will work for the recipient organization on a full time basis (i.e., 160 hours per month), typically for four months (although in certain cases, longer terms may be considered).

Eligibility: The contracts are to be awarded through a competitive search open to all qualified applicants who are Canadian citizens. The incumbent may be seeking temporary employment, completing a work term in a co-operative education program, or between semesters of a course of study.

Project Topic and Scope: Incumbents should be charged with completing a pre-defined set of activities that will augment the grantee organization’s ability to undertake more extensive work in an area of public policy that pertains to health and/or education and/or environment. The specific topic, scope, and methods of the project are agreed upon by the recipient organization and Max Bell Foundation staff. It is expected that work plans will be developed with several factors in mind:

  • the time available
  • the experience and abilities of the incumbent
  • the availability of a senior member of the recipient organization’s staff to mentor the incumbent
  • the relevance of the proposed work to both the recipient organization and Max Bell Foundation
  • the potential availability of necessary research materials, data, or other resources

Administration: The recipient organization is responsible for the following:

  • searching for and selecting an incumbent through an open, competitive process
  • development of a practical work plan that meets both the recipient organization’s and Max Bell Foundation’s approval
  • providing the necessary infrastructure (e.g., office space, computer, internet connectivity, telephone, etc.)
  • mentoring
  • assuring that the incumbent completes their work within the specified time frame

It is expected that the incumbent will provide periodic reports on her/his progress to both the recipient organization and Max Bell Foundation.

Deliverables: In addition to the regular reports from the incumbent, senior staff of the recipient organization will prepare a final report on the grant. It is expected that the project undertaken will yield formal written output(s) that could include, for example, one or more of:

  • a literature review
  • a research brief
  • policy recommendations
  • a complete proposal to potential funders, including Max Bell Foundation, for a more comprehensive initiative

Where warranted, the Foundation may assist participating organizations with the publication of outputs electronically and/or in hard copy versions.

How to Apply: This is a flexible program that permits Max Bell Foundation staff and potential recipient organizations to work collaboratively to identify initiatives of interest to both. If you are interested in participating, we ask that you prepare your application by determining:

  • the basic elements of a project, including the objectives, the intended outputs/deliverables, and a summary work plan showing activities and outputs by month
  • the process by which you would search for and hire an incumbent
  • a budget with line items for incumbent stipend, administration/overhead, and mentoring/supervision

The application process is online. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and follow the link to our online application application window.