Max Bell Foundation supports projects which fit our mission, strategic priority, and granting guidelines, and that fall within or bridge our program areas.

The term “project” is often used to refer loosely to any set of activities. We use the term in a more specific way. For our purposes, projects are:

  • clearly defined sets of activities that are coordinated and necessary to achieve a specific, well defined, measureable purpose that aligns with the Foundation’s mission, strategic priority, and granting guidelines
  • temporary and term-specific (e.g., 12 months, or 30 months, etc.) – not ongoing work of an organization
  • have clear, measureable goals linked to work plans that specify steps, dates, and responsibilities
  • have separate, clear budgets and financial accounting procedures

Projects are different from general operating support, capital purchases, and programs (programs have no set end point and contain several projects).

We expect that all expenses, including those associated with overhead and administration, should be budgeted for in proposals we consider.