Max Bell Foundation’s Senior Fellows Program provides opportunities for experienced professionals to devote a substantial portion of time to engage in research, writing, and educating the public. The overall goal of the program is to add value to debates over critical public policy issues in health and wellness, education, and/or environment.

The structure of the fellowship is flexible, but will include:

  • a meaningful time commitment from the incumbent, not to exceed one year
  • a budget divided roughly 80/20 for incumbent’s time and related support (e.g., administration, research, travel, etc.)
  • the production of deliverables focused on a critical and timely public policy issue (e.g., essays, monographs, web based materials, briefs, public lectures, symposia, round tables, etc.)
  • engagement with appropriate audiences

We will provide full support for a Senior Fellow, and we also welcome opportunities to co-support projects undertaken by Senior Fellows that otherwise fit within these program guidelines

To qualify for support as a Max Bell Senior Fellow:

  • candidates must be Canadian residents or eligible for retention in keeping with Canadian charitable law
  • candidates must agree that during their term as a Senior Fellow, they will devote a significant block of contiguous time to the Fellowship project

To apply for a Senior Fellow grant, you may initiate the process by sending a short letter to the Foundation providing an overview of the proposed project, including some context, the purpose of the work, and a summary of your professional experience. The Foundation will review your Letter of Intent and contact you to follow up. Where warranted, applicants will be asked to develop a full proposal and will be interviewed in person by a Committee of the Board of Directors.

Applications will be assessed according to:

  • the relative fit of the proposed work with the Foundation’s mission and criteria;
  • the qualifications and track record of the candidate.