Canada Water Agency Forum Response

To provide backbone support for multi-partner collaborative engagement with government on the creation of a new Canada Water Agency.

A Public Policy Collaborative

This project seeks to respond to the broad problem of transitioning to a low carbon emissions economy, with a focus on how that can be achieved in Alberta, which needs “to develop and leverage its existing resources and assets in a way that builds the …

Effective Property Buyout Programs to Reduce Flood Risk in a Changing Climate

This project will produce evidence-based recommendations on the design and implementation of effective property buyout programs in order to reduce the risks and costs associated with flooding for Canadians.

Finding the Path to Better Soil Health: An Exploratory Workshop

This grant supported a one-day workshop bringing together government representatives, producers, non-profit organizations, and researchers to articulate the current state of “sustainable” land use practices in Alberta.  The workshop provided direction …

Protected Areas and Conservation Landscapes Certification

Nature Conservancy intends to broaden the definition of protected areas in Canada through the development of a national framework for formally recognizing, certifying and accounting for privately protected lands, working landscapes, other effective are …

Smart Energy Communities Scorecard

This pilot project will test an energy use scoreboard tool in six communities.  This scoreboard is intended to help municipalities and industry to create better energy policies, enabling implementation, and benchmarking their progress.