Opportunity Youth Employment Policy Strategy

This project intends to build a comprehensive understanding of the program and policy landscape and how to best support and promote effective public policy in order to advance Opportunity Youth employment outcomes. Opportunity youth are 18-29 year olds …

Building an Alberta Framework for Primary Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence

This project will develop a primary prevention policy framework for domestic and sexual violence in Alberta. The ultimate goal is to ensure the framework is adopted by the Government of Alberta and put into action by a broad range of women’s shelters, …

COVID-19 Action Fund

In support of Food Banks Canada response fund to food banks across Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Action Fund

In support of the Red Cross response to COVID-19 in Canada.

COVID-19 Action Fund

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic support for two AI and COVID-19 catalyst grants.

Innovation, Equity & The Future of Prosperity

This program examines the correlation between innovation and equity, and how society can become more inclusive for all people — particularly disadvantaged groups who have historically received fewer or no benefits from innovation. The program aims to b …