New Policy Architecture for the Charitable and Nonprofit Sector

This 15-month project will develop a set of recommendations on the modernization of the way Canadian charities are regulated.

Political Activity and Advocacy by Canadian Charities: Piloting a Networked Policy Process

None of the umbrella organizations serving Canada’s charitable and nonprofit sector alone has sufficient resources to effectively advance policy advocacy on behalf of the entire sector. Further, if a number of Canada’s major umbrella organizations and …

Dr. Cy Frank International Travelling Lectureship

Dr. Cy Frank was internationally known and acclaimed for his visionary efforts to lead and champion the value of multidisciplinary clinical research and the application of this research to innovative solutions for clinical care and practices. The untim …

Catalogue Business and Personal Papers of Max Bell

The goal of this project was to catalogue the 18 meters of records belonging to Max Bell, which were donated to the Glenbow-Alberta Institute by Paul Bell. The collection includes personal and business records from Max Bell’s estate.

Dianne Marra Memorial Grant

This grant was presented to the Pacific Assistance Dog Society in recognition of Dianne Marra’s charitable concerns (1982-2002).