Max Bell Foundation is a Canadian independent grantmaking foundation that pursues its mission and strategic priority by supporting Canadian registered charities with Project Grants, Internship Grants, and Senior Fellow Grants. More information about our grant types is available in the Grant Types & Guidelines section. More information about the program areas in which we make grants is provided below.

The Mission of Max Bell Foundation

Max Bell Foundation reflects the spirit, vision and intent of its founder to improve Canadian society. We encourage the development of forward looking innovations that impact public policies and practices with an emphasis on health and wellness, education, and the environment.

The Foundation’s Strategic Priority

Ongoing shifts in the social, economic, and technological fabrics of Canadian life bring extraordinary changes to our society and to the public policy arena. We support work that helps Canadians adapt to those changes while positively impacting the quality of life in our communities. Our current strategic priority is to support projects which educate Canadians about public policy and practice alternatives.

Program Areas

Health & Wellness

The Foundation is interested in supporting projects that promote good health in the broadest sense. We are particularly interested in identifying practical, alternative approaches to the creation and maintenance of the programs and policies which shape Canada’s health care practices.


Max Bell Foundation believes education is a cornerstone of a flourishing, productive society. Canada’s education institutions face many challenges as changing needs, attitudes, economies, and technologies shift the ground in which they are rooted. The Foundation seeks to support projects that focus on innovative ways in which our education institutions meet those challenges. Of particular interest are projects that address the thoughtful use of technology and alternative institutional arrangements.

The Environment

The Foundation seeks to support environment initiatives that align with our mission and granting guidelines. We are interested in supporting projects that understand and take account of the social and economic contexts in which environmental concerns emerge as public policy and practice.

Definitions of “public policies & practices”

The following working definition may be useful to those considering applying for support from Max Bell Foundation.

Public policy refers to official decisions that guide the activities of organizations operating in the public interest. Such organizations include governments and non-profit organizations at the local, municipal, regional, provincial, and national levels.

For example, public policy decisions can be expressed as legislation, resolutions, regulations, by-laws, appropriations, court decisions, etc.

Public policy refers not only to decisions, but also the programs and administrative practices undertaken by organizations operating in the public interest.